Geosciences Montpellier (GM) is a joint research unit depending as a main title on Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS) and on Université de Montpellier (UM) It also depends on se secondary basis on Université des Antilles (UA)

The unit is attached to the Observatory of Sciences of the Universe Observatoire de Recherche Méditerranéen de l’Environnement  (OSU OREME), and it is a member of the UNESCO International Center ICIREWARD

The Laboratory relies on a wide range of professions and expertise to develop new and multidisciplinary knowledge on Geodynamics, Environment and Georesources.

Its activity is divided into 6 thematic axes:

  • Deformation: deformation process and effects of deformation on Earth dynamics, at all temporal and spatial scales;
  • Transfers and Couplings: controls of the physical and chemical couplings between the different envelopes of the Earth on its structure, its composition and its evolution;
  • Early Earth: relationships between the evolution of the Earth’s dynamics, in particular the initiation of plate tectonics, and its habitability;
  • Hazards: processes and systems that generate geological hazards: earthquakes, volcanoes, landslides, surface instability, coastal erosion and flooding;
  • Hydrosystems: role of water in the dynamics and processes of surface and subsurface hydrosystems;
  • Resources: Mineral, fluid and energy resources, for rational use in the context of energy transition and the fight against global warming.